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Update and improve your viscosity meter
by replacing the transmitters by a Viscotronics IRFT transmitter 


Almost every type and brand of TOV's (torsional Oscillatory Viscometer) using a servo drive viscometer can be updated by replacing your old transmitter by the IRFT transmitter.

The benefits are obvious. By using the Induced Resonance Fourier Transform transmitter, you will update your viscometer with the newest and highest level of techniques. Less influence of external vibrations, more stable end sensitive reading,... 

And all this at a very low cost: only the price of the transmitter.

The update is easy:
There is NO need to change the wiring, just connect the IRTFx/i with 2 wires to the transducer! (or via Safety barriers)
3rd party calibration data needs to be ‘converted’ into FFT MV numbers!. The customer process calibration points need be integrated. 

All previous (Nametre and others) and current Marimex viscometers are using the same wiring if based on a servo drive viscometer.
TOV viscometers of Marimex, Sofraser, Mansco, ... and previous Viscotronics can be updated

Only requirement:
-The condition of the sensor must be good: not bend, no corrosion, clean!

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Marimex, Sofraser, ManscoMarimex, Sofraser, Mansco